Construction in 3 Easy Steps

Eco Tent Shipping

At Eco Structures we ship to major ports Worldwide – On time!

Once you have placed your order we will assist with the delivery of our products to your front door.  We initially will provide you with a quotation to your nearest major port in your country and help sort through the logistic with you. The order process could not be more simple we have 30 years’ experience of shipping internationally using trusted Marine Freight companies.  Subject to the size of your order we allow 90 days to deliver from the placement of your order to arrival.

How will your delivery arrive?

Eco Structures have a highly efficient packing systems to ensure that approximately 9 x 4.2m structures can be packed into a standard size sea container. Either unpack your delivery at the port or transport to your property in a sea container. Canvas components will arrive in a protective cloth bag and typically each structure and components are strapped and packed to a recycled wooden pallet so it can conveniently be forked lifted into position

Eco Tent Shipping

Please note each and every order will have specific requirements subject to size, location and logistics our team will work with you to ensure an efficient, safe and punctual delivery.



We have delivered 634 tents worldwide over 5 continents and worked with more than 60 clients.


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Projects (Copy)

For further information about your order, shipping requirements or to discuss logistics use our CONTACT FORM.  

Assembly and Installation

Fast, simple and easy installation in The Most Challenging Locations 

Our products are supplied in kit form with all the working drawings and the instructions you require for assembly.  You will need to prepare the site for installation and chose from a number of footing options.  We recommend our Eco Anchor (this does not require the use of concreate) as a cost effective durable and strong solution ideally suited for remote locations. The simple design of our  Tents and Modules minimises the need for skilled labour to erect and install the structures. Our comprehensive Installation Guide provides all the information required and you or your local builder will have no issues installing and erecting our products.


How long does it take to create your Eco Structure?

For larger installations we recommend one of our team attend your site and assist with the initial installation and training to ensure you can complete the process safety and as quickly as possible. In more cases our customers install our 4.2 models in just 2 days with 2 workers.

Eco Tent construction

The small ‘building footprint’ on each of our products means that there is minimal excavation and disruption to the natural environment. Flora and fauna can coexist uninhibited below each structure. The footings can also be counter-levered to allow for building on sloping surfaces.

The Final Touch

Enhance Your Blank Canvas

Your Eco Structure is ready to use as soon as you have completed the install.  If you choose to customise and design your structure to suit your property and expected room rates, we are here to help! Eco Structures have a number of highly skilled interior designers working with us to provide creative turnkey solutions for both residential and commercial properties.


We can supply your beds, furniture, even your solar solutions or work with your own interior designer to help you get your project complete. We supply an finished En-suite enclosures which attaches directly to the back of the tent.


Interior design and layout are open to your budget and imagination.


Client Feedback

“We used Eco-Structures for our new 3 luxury en- suited tents  near our beach at Banubanu Wilderness Retreat in 2016. We felt that the Eco-Structures system suited our needs with it’s flexibility for customisation. Our en suites were built as solid units onto the rear decks to give us wet season protection for the tents furniture. Being in a remote location Eco-Structures one off pricing  allowed us a great deal of control over our development costs. Having these new tents has been a game changer for our business, bringing us to a new level”


– Trevor Hosie

Banubanu Wilderness Retreat

Thank you to Olio Bello for supplying images of their 2017 project